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  1. superkabog 27wk 6d ago

    Quote by josephine12cute

    Quote by superkabog
    Eto buhay rin tulad mo...Okay naman ako. ikaw kamuztah ka?

    High school pa ako nung nakilala kita ah haha. Eto graduating in college na ako. "Sana" makagraduate haha. Thesis na ako. Ikaw ba?

    What ! ! ! talaga...ibig sabihin ang tagal na natin dito...Goodluck ha. galingan mo thesis mo. eto laging pagod sa trabaho. hehehe

  2. superkabog 28wk 2d ago

    Quote by josephine12cute

    Quote by superkabog HOY ! ! !

    Buhay na buhay pa ako teh! :)))

    Musta ka na?

    Eto buhay rin tulad mo...Okay naman ako. ikaw kamuztah ka?

  3. superkabog 30wk 2d ago

    HOY ! ! !

  4. Doobyfunk15 34wk 4d ago

    Thanks for faving :)

  5. pandemonium91 System Admin 38wk 4d ago

    Quote by josephine12cute Wake Up Girls! Seiyuu
    - Airi Eino (Females) alias: Eino Airi, 永野 愛理
    - Kaya Okuno (Females) alias: Okuno Kaya, 奥野 香耶
    - Mayu Yoshioka (Females) alias: Yoshioka Mayu, 吉岡 茉祐
    - Minami Tanaka (Females) alias: Tanaka Minami, 田中 美海
    - Miyu Takagi (Females) alias: Takagi Miyu, 高木 美佑
    - Nanami Yamashita (Females) alias: Yamashita Nanami, 山下 七海
    - Yoshino Aoyama (Females) alias: Aoyama Yoshino, 青山 吉能

    Hey :) Could you please follow the format listed in the first post of the thread next time? It's easier for us to work with it that way. This is the second time I'm asking this.

    i.e. Airi Eino (Japanese Entertainers, Females, Long Hair, Black Hair)

    We don't tag idols under series.

  6. Alenas Retired Moderator 39wk 3d ago

    Quote by josephine12cute The clouds turned out more elaborate and more detailed than the original! I love that. The improved lighting source looks so good too. I'm not too sure for the lighting on the left side and I thought it would interesting if you used a different color scheme but overall, very amazing wallpaper!

    Argh, the lighting gave me trouble, no matter how I tweaked those sides, it never looked that well so I just gave up in the end lol. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. pandemonium91 System Admin 45wk 0d ago

    Next time, just list the tags like this:
    Mari Kurihara (Kangoku Gakuen, Females, Long Hair) alias: Kurihara Mari
    It's easier to process since we copy/paste the tags :)

  8. Masterchief80 Mar 25, 2014

    Thanks Josephine12cute for your favs on my To-LOVE-Ru scans.